I thought as much

I thought as much
• I expected as much
• I thought as much
• I guessed as much
that's what I expected (thought, guessed, etc.)

"Well, what's it all about?" - "Chiefly about that money." - "Oh - hell - I thought as much." (J. Priestley)

Also, I know that Madge wanted to get married. She hinted as much to me more than once. (I. Murdoch)

"I was not averse to it (dancing) myself when I was a young man," said Dr. Macphail. - "I guessed as much when I heard you ask Mrs. Macphail to have a turn with you last night." (W. S. Maugham)

His unfaithfulness was now complete. He had written to Nan hinting as much -- but he had not dared to speak clearly to her. (I. Murdoch)

Idioms and examples. 2014.

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